The Veggies Scoffer has now been published

The fifth Scoffer book, “The Veggies Scoffer; over 25 years on the catering front line” is now available. It’s 24 pages and lookin’ good.

This title has been published by Veggies, not by me, so get it from them. You can order via their website: or look out for them at any of the 70+ events they cater at each year.


Neglected this blog over the winter, but will have a go at posting more regular news

The Scoffer range of cookbooks now numbers five; The Cake Scoffer (2000), The Salad Scoffer (2002), The (all day) Breakfast Scoffer (2010), The Return of the Cake Scoffer (2010) and the brand new Veggies Scoffer (2011).

The Veggies Scoffer will be published by Veggies Catering Campaign on 16th April; in time for the World Day for Laboratory Animals march in Manchester.